Just near the famous shrine of “Sidi Belabass” in the Medina of Marrakech, Riyad Shama is located 15 minutes walk from Jmaa El Fna Square. This noble residence was built in the late eighteenth century, and its beautiful ceilings of cedar wood and stucco plaster reflect the ancient architectural finesse of the country, recently renovated in total modern comfort (like WIFI in all common areas) while respecting local materials and colors.

The name of the Riyad is inspired from the name of the old landlord’s grand-daughter , Called “Shama”, a blue-eyed blonde girl, loved and spoiled by her grandfather, the owner of the house throughout his life ; and at his death, he left her part of the Ryad as a legacy.

“Shama”, the little blue-eyed girl, now an older woman, still lives in Marrakesh and is invited from time to time to the Riyad to be reunited with her childhood memories with her grandfather …